Exams Analysis 2020-21

The value added scores (the progress a student makes between joining us and their final examinations) is on average 1.5, which is a significant marker of the progress made by the pupils at Bedford Greenacre Independent School.  Our grades are excellent particularly given the fact we are a non-selective school, catering to each individual’s academic potential.

GCSE Headlines:

Number of pupils 5+ Grade 9-4 = 94.44%, well above the national average of 79.1%.

Results in Maths and English at grades 9-4 are well above the national averages.

Overall passes per pupil = 8.85 grades.

English literature – 100% pass rate at 9-4

English language -94% pass rate at 9-4

Mathematics – 83% pass rate at 9-4 (Further Maths 100% pass rate at 9-4),

Physic, Chemistry and Biology all had 100% pass rates at 9-4 French, Arabic, Music, Drama and Religious Education all had 100% pass rates at 9-4

A Level Headlines:

A-E continues to be 100% across the board for all subjects, with 73% being A* to B grades.

Art has a 100% pass rate at grades A-B

Geography has an 80% pass rate at A-B

English has a 75% pass rate at A-B

Business Cambridge Technical Awards have a 100% pass rate at A-B equivalent grading