Proud to
welcome you.

What does independence mean to you?

For us, it reflects our commitment to the individual – to each and every young person we nurture. It also speaks of our ability to shape our own space and teaching methodology, creating a strong sense of community whilst realising the potential of your child.

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It is with immense pride that I welcome you to Bedford Greenacre Independent School – a brand new, state of the art learning facility with its roots in the past and its vision firmly set in the future. I’ve been proud to navigate the two historic institutions into this new chapter and to see their values embodied in this new pillar of learning excellence.

We look forward to being part of your future journey.

An inspiring
new space.

Standing within a 40 acre countryside setting, our new school represents the very latest in sustainable architecture, providing the most technologically advanced teaching environment and inspirational communal and recreational spaces in which to learn, play and flourish.

Built on a
proud heritage.

The new Bedford Greenacre Independent School combines the institutions of Rushmoor and St Andrews, continuing a proud teaching tradition that spans over 230 years. The founding principles and focus on the individual have endured over that time and remain our commitment today.

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Rushmoor School moved to Shakespeare Road, Bedford in 1918 and educated children between 8 and 13. It’s evolved over that time to now features a Sixth Form facility.

Founded in 1896 St Andrew’s is a small Independent School with a co-educational Nursery and Junior School and a girls’ Senior School.

Our diamond

Combining the best of single sex education within a co-educational environment, our Diamond School System teaches boys and girls together until the age of 11, then separately between the ages of 11 to 16 in English and Maths, recognising pupils different academic needs during that time.

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When they move onto our Sixth Form pupils return to co-education to enjoy the social benefits ahead of their journeys beyond our school.

We’re all about
our team.

At the heart of your child’s educational experience sit our passionate teaching and support teams. It’s their knowledge, positive energy and unwavering dedication to your child’s development that make us the leading school we are today.

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We recognise that each and every child is uniquely different, so their individual learning journeys are adapted to get the most from their time with us – whether they need extra support or are academically gifted, your child will receive the focus to ensure they thrive.

Our wider estate, security and catering teams create an environment in which your child can feel part of a safe and nurturing community.

Contact our Leadership Team

Mr Ian Daniel Principal
Mr Alun Evans Deputy Head Teacher
Mr Ashley Jones Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Susan Diffey Business Manager
Mrs Toni Djukic Head of Juniors
Mrs Joanne Mortensen Deputy Head of Juniors
Mrs Nicky van der Sande Deputy Head of Juniors
Miss Emma Niro Head of Nursery
Mr Chris Pugh Assistant Head, Pastoral/Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Suzi Stott Assistant Head, Pastoral
Mr Richard Woodward Head of Sixth Form

We look
forward to
meeting you.

Our new school facility is a physical embodiment of our values and ethos, so we’d encourage all parents considering their child’s academic journey to come and visit our space.

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Appointments can be made at anytime with our reception team and we also hold regular open days in which you get to meet members of our team and engage with pupils within their teaching environments.